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 5 Occupy Wall Street Leaders (Update 1)

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5 Occupy Wall Street Leaders (Update 1) Empty
PostSubject: 5 Occupy Wall Street Leaders (Update 1)   5 Occupy Wall Street Leaders (Update 1) I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 29, 2011 10:12 am

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Ask anyone at Occupy Wall Street and they will tell you there are no leaders. Clearly, though, some people in the movement are more influential, have made more of a commitment and are more visible than others. TheStreet spent some time in Zuccotti Park, as well as some additional research, and did its best to identify a few of them.
Dutro says there is a core of about six people in the group. The 36-year-old Brooklyn resident used to run a tattoo parlor and a software development company and is now studying business technology management and finance at New York University.cheap jerseys nfl

However, Dutro says, he "just kind of felt compelled to do it because the woman that started this group, Victoria, she beggedcheap jerseys and pleaded people for help, cuz nobody wanted to join it, and I knew I had a skill set that would have been useful and best probably applied in this area, so I kinda did it out of moral obligationhl jerseys cheapn -- of what would be best for the group, not so much, like what I want to do personally."

He says the group has raised $483,000 so far, most of it from online donations. He concedes that after an initial growthcheap mlb jerseys spurt, "things are kind of leveling off" in terms of the amount of money they are taking in.

Dutro says he got involved in Occupy Wall Street because he was diagnosed with cancer but couldn't afford health insurance. Though he believes he has recovered, he scheap jerseystill has no health insurance, so he isn't entirely sure he has a clean bill of health.

"I've seen the quality of life in this country decline since I was a kid," he says.http://farera.forumotion.com/t43-5-occupy-wall-street-leaders-update-1
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5 Occupy Wall Street Leaders (Update 1)
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